Young Girls Halaqa age 12 to 15

Do you have a daughter who is blossoming into a young woman, and you want her to grow up: confident, disciplined, knowing her place & purpose in this world, not afraid of what others think, with strong faith and compassion for others? We have a program for you.

One of our main initiatives is to  provide positive alternatives to what we can’t do and turn young people’s attention towards we can do. This approach is a tried and true method for keeping young people on the right path. Essentially, Blessed Bonds is here to provide those alternatives. We encourage our young people to get involved, hone their talents, make wholesome friendships, try new things, stay active and have fun, all the while growing spiritually.

Blessed Bonds:

  • Nurtures bonds with God, the noble Prophet, mentors and peers.

  • Develops a foundational understanding of Islam through relevant topics.

  • Encourages love for God and implementing Prophetic practices in daily life.

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