NAFIS Preschool & Daycare (Pending EEC licensing).

NAFIS Boston Center will be moving to a new location in Woburn on April 1st 2019.
We expect to have the daycare up and running by June 2019 (Pending EEC licensing).
We expect the Preschool to be up running by September  2019 (Pending EEC licensing).

Please see the look of the new space Inshaa Allah after the renovations.

New location is 9067 sq and it will have;
• 1500 sq of prayer area ( see floor plan photo)
• 6 Classrooms
• 3 Preschool classrooms 
• 4 bathrooms, shower and wodu’a area
• Indoor play area
• Outdoor playground
• Bigger kitchen / cafeteria
• More than 200 parking spots

The construction estimate to renovate and furniture for the new place is about $100k.

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