Date 2019-03-29 - 2019-03-29
Time 7:00 P.M
Location NAFIS Boston Center
Organizer Mosque Project Committee
Phone 617-780-9088

NAFIS Boston Center is inviting you and your family to attend its Mosque Project Annual Fundraising Dinner organized by the Mosque Project Committee lead by Br. Said Lazaar (617-780-9088)

More details about the project;

As promised in last Ramadan’s presentation, we have Alhamdu lillah officially started our 5 Years campaign of donations to Purchase or construct a stand alone building to serve as a Mosque-School-Community center in Stoneham or the surrounding towns by 2022.
We have so far $30,000.00 in the Mosque Project account
We give thanks and praise to Allah first and foremost, and than to the brothers and sisters who will see this project through.
Mosque Project
Our Goal is to collect $1 Million by December, 2022. $970,000.00 left to collect
How can you help?
  1. Donate generously.
  2. Drop off your donations in the Masjid donation box.
  3. Setup a Piggy bank with your kids at home to donate, than turn it in to us when full.
  4. Setup a bill pay to donate Monthly to The Bank of America Mosque Project Account # 4660 0151 5468
  5. Setup an automatic deduction(Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) taken directly from your Card, please call 617-780-9088
  6. Mail a check to NAFIS, 38 Montvale Ave, Mailbox A10, Stoneham MA 02180.
  7. Visit and Donate via our website at 

Get involved

  1. Be a member of the Mosque Project Committee,please call Br. Said 617-780-9088
  2. Talk about the project to friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.
  3. Ask and encourage others to give.
  4. Reach out to us with a possible donors and we will contact them.
May Allah bless this Project and make it successful and may Allah bless our community and keep us one body.