Arabic & Islamic Studies for kids

At NAFIS Boston Center Sunday School, our primary goal is to impart a strong Islamic identity to our youth and complement their regular education to build a strong community for the next generation. Our community is very diverse in terms of national origin, ethnicity, culture, and theology. Our curriculum aims to impart an authentic introduction to Islam, drawing on materials that are contemporary as well as historical. The academic objective of the Sunday School is to introduce and instill the main teachings of Islam into our students by the time they are ready to enter high school, and enable them to live Islam.

Classes Schedule

Saturdays 10 a.m to 2 p.m {Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran}
Sundays 10 a.m to 2 p.m {Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran}

Our Islamic Studies textbooks (each textbook includes a workbook):

Our Arabic textbooks (each textbook includes a workbook):



Arabic Writing Workbook: This workbook is designed to teach students the essentials of Arabic handwriting. It teaches students everything needed to write Qur’anic Arabic in a satisfying, rewarding manner. Starting from basic alphabets, the workbook introduces the beginning, middle and end shapes of each letter and how they join in a two-, three- or four-letter words commonly used in the Arabic language.

The Beginners Arabic Reading: This book is a step-by-step guide to begin reading the Qur’an. It introduces the Arabic alphabets, gradually demonstrating their beginning, middle and end shapes and how these are used in Arabic words. The book covers all the essential vowel marks and shows the students how they are used in a simple to complex Arabic words commonly found in the Qur’an. After finishing the book, a student is expected to be ready to begin reciting the Qur’an.

A student who attends 8 or more years of our Sunday school will be inshallah competent in the following areas:

  1. Recitation of Qur’an: The objective of the Sunday school is to facilitate students in the reading of the Qur’an – not learning Arabic language-; however, basic introduction to Qur’anic Arabic terms/phrases will be taught. The recitation of Qur’an requires very active follow-up by parents at home. The  Sunday School is not intended to be a program that trains children in the reading or memorization of the entire Qur’an in Arabic. We will have other programs at NAFIS Boston Center that will fulfill this need.
  2. Memorization of Surahs and Duas: Memorize 25-30 Surahs and Duas related to Salat and everyday affairs.
  3. Salat:  Sunday School’s goal is to make sure children know how to perform Salat. Children in 6th grade and higher are expected to know how to perform Salat.
  4. Qur’anic Studies: Basic Qur’anic teachings; study about the tafseer/exegesis at higher levels.
  5. Islamic Morals and Manners in the light of the Qur’an and the Hadith.
  6. Faith and Worship: Articles of Faith, Five Pillars and Worship of Allah (SWT).
  7. Introductory Fiqh: Basic Fiqh, Shariah and Usul-Fiqh.
  8. Seerah: Life history and Shama’il of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – taught at various levels.
  9. Introductory Islamic History: Brief overview of Islamic history.
  10. Introduction to Prophets: Stories of Prophets for younger children.
  11. Introduction to Hadith: Introduction to the science of Hadith and some important Ahadith.
  12. Islam’s contributions to civilization: taught at the High school level.
  13. “Living Islam”: Practical applications of topics.
  14. Personal development practicum for the youth group to enable them to build key skills essential for success.

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